How to access WWise shared vehicle sounds from MSFS?

Hi! I’m wondering if and how we can attach sounds from the existing Wwise
sounds to custom made AI simobjects (ground vehicles). Right now for example
copying the soundai folder and configurations from “ASO_Firetruck01” to a new
custom made AI simobject doesn’t do anything. In other words: The sounds will
not play in simulator when the vehicle is moving. I assume this is due to the
folder structure as from simobjects residing in the “community” folder,
soundai.xml configs will not be able to call the PCK sound files in the
“official” folder. Could that be it? Of course as 3rd party developers we
could create our own sounds and attach them to new simobjects. But calling
existing sounds from the existing MSFS sound repository would be much more
straightforward. Because they are already “good enough” for most ground
vehicles and match all criteria in terms of volume, quality etc.

Hello :slight_smile: I would also be very interested in getting an easy-to-understand
solution. Best Regards Christian