How to define an attitude indicator as electrical?

I have several attitude indicators in my aircraft, none of them running of an
engine driven vacuum pump, but all electrically driven. However I can not find
any usefulness of the CIRCUIT_ATTITUDE_INDICATOR. What effect does this
circuit have? How do I define an attitude indicator not dependent on Vacuum?

See here:
cockpit.cfg: [ATTITUDE_INDICATORS] This section is used to define the
characteristics of the attitude indicators on the instrument panels, where
each indicator is defined in order, starting at 0 and incrementing by 1.
Available parameters are: attitude_indicator.N The system which drives the
attitude indicator. 0 = none 1 = Vacuum driven gyro 2 = Electrically driven

That’s unexpectedly easy. However when I try to define a second one depending
on a different driving system I don’t see any pitch and bank values differing
between the Indicators, even though my Electrical system is on and the vacuum

Looks like these are the vars to look at: ATTITUDE INDICATOR PITCH DEGREES
ATTITUDE INDICATOR BANK DEGREES (presumably indexed for the attitude
indicator, but not mentioned in the docs) However I see some FSX forum posts
talking about the battery not being respected. If I had to guess, I’d say that
the vars need to also check CIRCUIT ON which is a little bit defeating. The
documentation here also mentions these vars do something with the AI pilot,
but I think that is a documentation error.

Sadly this means I have to dumb down my developed logic. Thank you for