How to externally set SR22 fuel pump to Boost and Prime?

The fuel pump switch in the SR22 (FS Deluxe version) has 3 states: Boost, Off,
Prime. How would I control this pump with custom hardware? There are Event for
setting pump On or pump Toggle but this assumes a 2 state pump. How to control
the SR22 3-state pump?

Hello @Djeez2 This is faked in the Behavior but there is no difference between
those 2 modes at the moment so no dedicated event. (this will be improved in
the future). You can check the ASOBO_FUEL_Pump_SubTemplate template to see
how it’s implemented. You can still execute RPN code to set the switch in the
position matching your hardware. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for the prompt reply. I don’t know where to find the Template you are
referring to. What I did find was an event in the FSUIPC documentation called
ELECT_FUEL_PUMP1_SET and that works with values 0, 1, and 2. This looks
similar to the InputEvent I found in CIRRUS_INTERIOR.XML called FUEL_Pump_1_On
which also takes a parameter 0, 1 and 2 although in different order. As you
state there is no actual behavior then this will do for me, although I am
still curious on what RPN code I code use to execute.