How to get rid of Surface_Type detail map textures?

When placing a texture on the ground (be it projected mesh or polygon) there’s
always a detail map on top. I’m aware details maps have been discussed to some
extend but my question is
how can I get rid of that detail map overlay (or potentially even replace
it by a custom one)? I have been searching the MSFS folders + the SDK inside
out for hours for the location of the detail maps but cannot find any further
information. No matter which SURFACE_TYPE I select (including “UNKNOWN”)
there’s always one of these detail maps as an overlay:

What’s most frustrating is that
this is even the case for the “snow” and “ice” types, which shouldn’t have any
stones/soil/asphalt overlay. Since I’ working with skiways, all these detail
map overlays heavily spoil the immersion.

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Hello No ways at the moment to have no detail map or define a custom one. This
subject is discussed on a regular basis, even with our internal artist team so
I’m hopeful it’ll be improved at some point. But I just can’t tell yet how it
will be prioritized. Regards, Sylvain

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Hmm… that’s disappointing but I guess nothing I can do much about at this
stage. Except for maybe creating the airport as an elevated 3D model that
comes with the usual downsides of performance loss and different lighting to
terrain - all that just to have the detailmap gone. Fingers crossed this will
be fixed rather sooner than later. :slight_smile:

Hi Sylvain (@FlyingRaccoon), from what I can see it still isn’t possible to override or suppress detail map textures - is this correct?