How to make engine run cooler

I am having an issue getting my aircooled six cylinder engine to cool properly. Its an IO 540, similar to the E330. I used its OIL TEMP settings to see if that would do it, but still goes into the red.

How do you adjust the Oil Temp to run at a lower temp?

I need to check the gauge to see if its true (calibrated). I used the SimVar watcher and it had zero reading for the oil temp, which is odd.

Thanks in advance.


You have to adjust these variables in the Engine.cfg file:

This is how you adjust how HOT / COLD and how fast it will heat up, cool down as well.


OR, roll your own Cooling system, and have complete control over all things you want to add to influence your oil cooling system.

The default Asobo simulation does not include a multitude of things that dynamically affect the oil temperature - only the very minimum to give the effect that oil temperature is varying in a semi realistic way.