How to make total energy variometer

I have been working on a glider project and I want to make a total energy variometer. I learned how to create my own gauges like airsp, alt etc. using data from SimVar and they all are working perfectly but i have problems with creating TE Vario. There are values ,VARIOMETER TOTAL ENERGY", ,VARIOMETER NETTO" and some others but i see ,0" all the time when i connect to the game. In fact the only “variometer” value i can read is VERTICAL SPEED. If only I could get these values working then it would solve my problem and would be super easy to create that gauge. Any ideas?
Little update, SimVar is showing these values for Asobo gliders (dg1001, ls8) but for nothing else, also not for 3rd party gliders (for ex. ls4, as33)

Hello @Ignacy ,


variometer.0 = 0, 0, 4

to your cockpit.cfg should be sufficient to make it work.
param 1 → just leave 0, it’s a legacy but requiered parameter
param 2 → Used only in the calculation of static pressure deviation. Expect a vs value
param 3 → is a time constant, dictating the speed at which the variable will interpolate

As soon as I have more information on the different parameters, I will post it here, and we will update the documentation.

I edited my post to add some infos.

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It worked! But only for less than a minute :laughing: After short time vario turns off and needle stays at zero.


Check that the variometer switch is ON and that the corresponding circuit is powered up.


Hello again,
At the beggining when vario is working i can turn it on and off using vario switch, battery master and alternator - all that works but after less than a minute vario turns off eternaly (unless restart).
By the way this variometer is completely mechanic and contains no electronics, maybe there is an option to make it work independently from electrity

The Asobo Total Energy vario code is non-functional. A trivial test would be to fly a stock glider in a circle and you’ll see the vario shows strong lift on one side of the circle and strong sink on the other. The bug has been reported.

Your ONLY option is to copy the model XML from any of the free gliders e.g K7. There will be a clearly documented section with a single component that calculates a simvar L:B21_TE_MS (total energy reading in m/s).

Here y’go. Cut-and-paste this component into your model interior XML, then you’ll have a simvar L:B21_TE_MS to animate your TE variometer needle. This open-source unrestricted code is used in all the freeware (& 3rd-party payware) gliders

        <!-- ****************************************************************************************** -->
        <!--        TOTAL ENERGY VARIO CALCULATION - OUTPUTS L:B21_TE_MS                                -->
        <!-- ****************************************************************************************** -->
            <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Update">
				<FREQUENCY>20</FREQUENCY><!-- Update once per second -->
					(L:B21_VARIO_INIT) 1 == if{

						(E:SIMULATION TIME, seconds) d
						(L:B21_VARIO_TIME_PREV_S) - d
						0 == if{ quit }

						(L:B21_VARIO_TIME_DELTA_S) 1 /
						0 max 1 min

						(A:AIRSPEED TRUE, meters per second) sqr (L:B21_VARIO_SPEED2_PREV_MS) - (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_SPEED2_DELTA_MS)
						(L:B21_VARIO_SPEED2_DELTA_MS) 19.62 / (L:B21_VARIO_TIME_DELTA_S) /
						-40 max 40 min

						(L:B21_VARIO_TIME_DELTA_S) 1 / 0 max 1 min (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_VSI_SMOOTHING)
						-40 max 40 min

						(L:B21_VARIO_VSI_MS) (L:B21_VARIO_COMP_MS) + d
						-8 max 8 min
						(A:AIRSPEED TRUE, meters per second) 10 &lt; if{
						} els{
							(A:AIRSPEED TRUE, meters per second) 20 &lt; if{
								(A:AIRSPEED TRUE, meters per second) 10 - 10 / *

						(A:AIRSPEED TRUE, meters per second) sqr (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_SPEED2_PREV_MS)
						(A:PLANE ALTITUDE, meters) (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_ALT_PREV_M)
					} els{
						1 (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_INIT)
						0 (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_COMP_MS)
						0 (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_VSI_MS)

						(A:AIRSPEED TRUE, meters per second) sqr (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_SPEED2_PREV_MS)
						(A:PLANE ALTITUDE, meters) (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_ALT_PREV_M)
						(E:SIMULATION TIME, seconds) (&gt;L:B21_VARIO_TIME_PREV_S)