How to Merge Your Account

How to Merge Your Account

Dear members,

To improve account security and align with the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forums, the DevSupport forums are transitioning to use Xbox Live accounts moving forward. Following this transition, we understand many of you will want to retain your previous forum account’s historical data, posts, and interactions on the DevSupport forums.

To assist with this, we’ve implemented a straightforward process to merge your previous forum account/username with your Xbox Live account/username.

Follow these steps to begin the merging process: Once you select “Start the Merging Process”, our bot will guide you through the entire process—no need to remember these steps!

1. Sign-in/create a new forum account using your Xbox Live e-mail address on the DevSupport forum.

2. While signed-in with your Xbox Live account, click on the link below: This link will open a draft private message (PM) that has been pre-filled with the necessary details.

:arrow_right: Start the Merging Process

3. Review the PM: Ensure all details in the PM draft are correct.
In the draft message, please replace “OldUsername” with your old username and “” with the email associated with that username.
:information_source: Be sure to keep the quotes. Our bot will guide you through the rest of the process.

4. Send the PM: Once you’re ready, send the PM. This message will go directly to a group named “XboxLiveMerging”. Shortly after, you’ll receive a verification code in your old email address. This code ensures that the account you’re merging truly belongs to you.

5. Enter the Verification Code: Once you’ve received the code, simply enter it as a reply to the PM. Upon verification, our system will automatically transfer all your posts, likes, votes, and other interactions from your old account to your current one.

At the end of the process, go to your Profile > Preferences > Account
and delete the old email address that contains _xblms (for example:

If you encounter any issues during or after the account merge, please send a personal message to the Administrators group.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition. We’re here to ensure that the changeover is as smooth and seamless as possible for every member of our community.


The DevSupport Staff