How to set custom cloud/weather “areas” like this addon does?

I noticed that this addon ( has screenshots taken in
MSFS that show the developer setting clouds and precipitation in a specific
area/polygon defined by them (as you can see by the somewhat sharp edges of
the extremities of the hurricane). I do not see this documented in the SDK the
last time I checked - how would one go about doing this? I am very interested
in this.

I don’t know the specifics, but reviewing the doc it seems it is a default
supported type:

Thanks! But I’m getting an error when clicking on the link: “the requested
content does not exist.” I think the docs website has issues with some links
with the # symbol in them, could you try re-pasting the link?

Sure: Weather Definitions

Ah I see, you can only specify the lat/long/radius of thunderstorm cells and
hurricanes, everything else applies globally.

I’d bet you can repurpose this “cell” and use it like a “basic cloud entity”
that you could “paint” to any shape you want, maybe one day like this: :slight_smile:

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