How to set "dependencies" in manifest.json?

Is it possible to set the dependencies variable in the manifest.json file when compiling the package via the package builder?

I have reviewed the SDK and this forum and could not find any mention on how to do this.

Use case is I am compiling a livery package for distribution via Marketplace and want to ensure that users who purchase it have the relevant aircraft installed.

It appears to be possible in at least some way as when reviewing the Asobo/MS packages I cna see this field filled out. Example can be found in asobo-aircraft-l39-reno-vspeed-passive/manifest.json.

If the answer is here already then apologies and if someone can point me to it would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Have a look into the xml in the PackageDefinition-Folder. It can contain a Dependencies-Element.
See also in the documentation: Package Tool XML Definitions (


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Thank you! I obviously missed it! Will try it and report back!

So unfortunately not successful.

I followed the SDX to open the PAckageDefinitions XML and insert the dependency information, unfortunately when it went to load it failed giving me an error.

my input into the package definitions xml:

    <Dependency Version "0.1.0">

And the error I received:

parser said : expected =
encies> <Dependency Version “0.1.0”>

Further thoughts?

The rest of the package is fine as once I delete the Dependencies section the project loads fine in the sim.

Version is an attribute, try a “=” between the attribute name and the value:

    <Dependency Version="0.1.0">