How to split large aerial imagery CGLs - any clear guidelines?


Does anyone have a clear explanation of whether splitting one large aerial
imagery CGL into several adjoining ones (forming a mosaic of CGLs) works? We
have a large aerial imagery covering 170, for a total
CGL size of 4.4GB.

  • This works fine for non-Marketplace vendors, in fact, our product is out already with 2 3rd party vendors.

  • The problem is that when we try to create a package for MSFS2020 Marketplace, we get the “over 4GB limit” error.

  • To address this, we can split the scenery into 2 (or more if needed) components which are within the SAME package

  • This project set up results in a single package, containing two (or more) CGL components in separate folders. The RESULTING layout.json then looks like this:

        1. {
        2.   "content": [
        3.     {
        4.       "path": "CGL_NORTH/300/sai110.cgl",
        5.       "size": 182002528,
        6.       "date": 133113881906400486
        7.     },
        8.     {
        9.       "path": "CGL_SOUTH/300/sai110.cgl",
        10.       "size": 325773245,
        11.       "date": 133113882842953733
        12.     },
        13.     {
        14.       "path": "ContentInfo/photoreal-project/Thumbnail.jpg",
        15.       "size": 118977,
        16.       "date": 133107878906204924
        17.     }
        18.   ]
        19. }

While this works on the compiler side (as in “Build All” command produces the
package without any errors), the produced scenery package simply does not
work, either causing a freeze, CTD or no-show in the area. We’ve seen users
successfully splitting their CGLs as per above, but we are unsure if these
were aerial imagery projects or something else. So, does anyone know if there
are any limitations on multiple aerial imagery CGLs existing side-by side, as
a mosaic, comprising a large coverage scenery area? Thanks!

Hello @TerraBuilderTeam Can you provide us with your package? I’d like to
investigate how your project is structured before I can answer on what’s
possible. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Thanks for the response. Certainly, we can provide the package. It
is a 4.3GB file - can we have a link where to upload it to? If it helps, we
can leave out the CGL file(s) (if you need to see the structure only) Also, do
you want to see the split CGL version (outlined in layout.json above) or the
single CGL version? Thanks, Misho TerraBuilder

Hello @TerraBuilderTeam I have investigated your issue and it appears the
output path must be set to CGL\ for the CGL files to be correctly loaded. The
Project Editor lets you do things that are not handled correctly by the game
at the moment. So there is no workaround for this limitation of 4Gb per cgl
file, except creating different package and you would have to check with your
Microsoft Marketplace contact to make sure this is something they accept. I’ll
make sure we review how the Project Editor handles this so it generates errors
when needed. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for looking into this and confirming it, Sylvain! So, given that the
two scenery packages CAN co-exist next to each other (in different scenery
packages), this is then only an issue with a hard-coded path that the sim
expects? The path Is explicitly set in layout.json: “path”:
“CGL_SOUTH/300/sai110.cgl”, so why not fix this in the sim and have it sim
read this path, instead of ignoring this var and looking for the cgl file in
the hard coded path: “path”: “CGL/300/sai110.cgl”, This fix would resolve a
lot of current problems for scenery developers and open up sceneries to XBox
users which are now blocked due to these limitations. With this fix, there
would also be no need to fix how the project editor handles this, i.e., no
need to make checks and issue warnings and errors in the project editor.
Thanks! Misho