How to Start cold and dark from Helipads?

As per above question, Helipads start locations spawn the helicopters “ready
for liftoff” with engines up and running. I supposed because it’s a “start
location”, so maybe like runway starts locations is usinng the runway.flt
configuration by defaul. Is there a way to add a start location for helipads
with the engines off? (Would avoid using taxiway parkings, they spawn airport
services- that we have no control over- and ai planes -unless changing the
type to military or reducing the size)

I believe type DOCK_GA supresses all AI parking and all services to that
parking spot.

Thanks Dick, Does that parking doesn’t spawn the airport related services too?
(Bus, fuel trucks, elevators?) And anyway, it will likely spawn AI Airplanes,
not really suitable over a helipad)

That would potentially cause issues though as you could then start virtually
any aircraft on the pad?

I tried it at KMKE as a test, replacing everything with DOCK_GA, and the place
became a ghost town. No AI.

Thanks, good news then! for applications like small airfields dock_ga are
going to be the go to choice

There is also a hack. Using a hex editor, you can change the type to NONE.
This can’t be compiled, but it runs just fine. DOCK_GA is xB hex… with x
representing the number. Change it to x0 and the type is now NONE, and the
world map shows it as type Unknown.

I know Asobo wouldn’t like this,
but perhaps they should give us back NONE. The bglcomp.xml shows it as valid,
but the compiler shows it as an error. DevMode doesn’t have NONE as an option.
I see that a mashaller appears with this hack… so perhaps not what we want?