HTML Gauge can click through gauge issue

How can we prevent clicking through the HTML Gauge/LCD screen to prevent
clicking other switches that may be located behind the gauge. This is pretty
important and i see no answer for this anywhere.

One workaround that we’ve had to use is to put a simple poly behind the
gauge/screen with an ‘empty’ clickspot, i.e. one that shows the normal cursor
and has no logic. Unfortunately that doesn’t work well though if your
gauge/screen needs its own clickspot (a touchscreen). e.g. None LeftSingle

We already tried to use a hidden click mesh behind the screen and it will
prefer to click the no click mesh and not the HTML hot spots so you end up
clicking nothing at all. This only works for traditional clickable switches
and levers not a touchscreen.

This issue is pretty annoying and it limits the capabilities of what we can do
in the sim with our own implementations of EFB and other bits, any way we
could get @Asobo to improve this in the future? S.

Has anyone found a solution or workaround for this?

@FlyingRaccoon / Asobo any updates on this? I
found recently a member on the think tank that uses Blender does not have the
issue clicking through a touchscreen. So that is a clue on how to fix this

Hello This issue is still open on our side and I fail to see how the Blender
exporter would change anything to this. Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon DA40CGDFQ#8452 from the
think tank has proven that this does work as he gave me and Raul a copy of his
project and sure enough i could not click through the screen. So not 100% sure
but it seems after looking at the gltf blender does not use the sdk for 3ds
max and so the settings are different and may be why it worked. So figure you
could contact him and get a copy or talk with him. Or test with Blender.
Either way looking forward to a fix.

@DA40CGDFQ Which blender exporter are you using?
If you gave a blend file where you have set up your model in such a way that
this no longer occurs, we are interested to see it. Maybe you know a
workaround we’re not aware of? Thank you :slight_smile:

I will zip up a file with what I have. Currently I use a Legacy exporter with
my own updates. I do not believe it’s due to my exporter. I will try to
reproduce in the ASOBO 1.1.6 version. My aircraft has a moveable EFB. Also the
material on the display portion has a texture also, and the EFB has a back to

Using my testplane and both my exporter and The ASOBO export results in the
same functionality - no clickthrough on my EFB. The files on discord.

It works in cockpit interaction “lock” mode but not in “legacy” mode. I’ve
tried with an ASOBO_GT_Switch_Code template for the mask object, same effect.
edit to be more precise: if you set a mask behind the html gauge and give
it one of theses codes, - in lock mode, it works as expected (no click on the
controls behind the gauge+mask) - in legacy mode, you can’t click the gauge

@bagolu Any chance you can get on my Discord server
or add me to Discord. My name on Discord is Momo#0007 I already use cockpit
interaction and have added mask as I can’t click the html as you stated for
Legacy. So not sure how to set the in lock mode to test this. Hope we can chat

I haven’t found any working invite for your server. I added you
@Flysimware (bagolu#3061)

I sent you a friend request on Discord because your friend request did not
work. Also here the our server.

SOLVED: @bagolu and
@Flysimware got together today and asked
@DA40CGDFQ to send us his project so we could
spend the afternoon to solve how @DA40CGDFQ got
his EFB to work with “no click through gauge” issue. Even
@DA40CGDFQ had no idea how he did this and we all
wanted to know the secret. Also @FlyingRaccoon
from Asobo had no idea how this worked and they want to know so this can be
added to the SDK. So here is the secret. You need to add this line of code to
your “Component” section that has the node for the LCD screen. This way you
can still call to other templates while calling to the

      1.  Name="ASOBO_GT_Interaction_NoInteraction"/>

Here is an example how to add the code.

As you can see I call to
ASOBO_GT_Emissive_Gauge as the screen needs to work for day and night. And now
you can see I added the NoInteraction call below that.

Hello @Flysimware Well done finding this. It was
probably designed for this eventuality but no one used it internally so I was
not aware of it. It seems to be only referenced in a particular behavior of
the AS1000. I’m glad you found a solution. Anyway, we’ll still expose a
dedicated “INTERCEPT_INTERACTIONS” parameter to the
ASOBO_GT_Material_Emissive_Code template with SU11. Regards, Sylvain

@FlyingRaccoon Just wanted to mention having
no click wall or using the new ASOBO_GT_Interaction_NoInteraction template we
found that in legacy the arrow curser will hide after a few seconds but in
Lock the curser never hides. Devs will use this for preventing clicking to
outside hotspots or if you have a trainer and need to separate the cockpits.
So just wanted to let you know when you plan to create a new template just for
the no bleed LCD and no click it also hides the curser for lock mode. My
request is to also just allow hotspots for exterior model cameras that can’t
interact with interior cameras. This was we can have full walk around ability
and not use a no click wall. My 2 cents.

@FlyingRaccoon Did you guys create a custom
tag just for this issue when SU11 came out? Also I spoke to Jorg at the 40th
Anniversary news convention and he is aware we also need to create a new type
of collision wall so that you can be in a back cockpit and not click in the
front cockpit without causing the Xbox curser to stay stuck on and for VR to
not jump the curser to that wall. So this is still an area that needs a lot of
help since you guys made it where you can click through mesh where FSX never
did that. Another suggestion is to make an exterior camera that has a
clickable hotspots only for the exterior model since the interior cameras is
only the interior model So would work out great for walk around check lists
and other uses. Should I start a nee post on these other suggestion?

Hello @Flysimware Yes, the
INTERCEPT_INTERACTIONS tag is exposed with SU11. Only applicable in a
template using ASOBO_GT_Material_Emissive_Code though. In the case of
front/back cockpit, isn’t using your suggestion with
ASOBO_GT_Interaction_NoInteraction applicable? Regarding the interactions
with external cameras, you have already posted an idea here: We haven’t moved forward on
this subject yet. Regards, Sylvain