I created a new airfield IN MSFS 2020..fat fingered ICAO code. Used wrong region code

I am in the process of creating a no longer active airfield in the UK and bring it back to life. No existing ICAO code.

In MSFS SDK, I created the new custom airport. Unfortunately, I failed to notice after a great deal of work that the region code I specified is for Germany, not the UK.

Editing the project JSON and XML that contained the incorrect code doesnt fix the issue. When I try to change it in the SDK interface, I get a message that the airport must be in the same region as the one originally specified…

What are the series of steps that I need to take to correct this? Im in the process of doing final QA on this before I publish to flightsim.to for community use.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Cheers, all!

You need to edit the source XML for the airport (change the ICAO code). By region, I assume you mean the first 2 characters of the ICAO? Use a text editor. Then you can reload the project into the DevMode, and build.

It wont let me save in the SDK if I edit the underlying XML document.

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Could you list out which file(s) you edited? I’ve never had this scenario, but I or someone else could try to reproduce it and see if the same thing happens.

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Yea. Which XML are you trying to edit? You should never have to edit a JSON file. You edit the source, not the compiled package.

This XML Block in the Scenery Folder…

AND in Packages Metadata

“locations”: [
“type”: “airport”,
“airportCode”: “EDBD”,
“latitude”: 51.99197454482142,
“longitude”: 0.27414211026686

see reply below. Thanks!

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I’m not in front of MSFS at the moment, but I believe that the file you are looking for would be in a subfolder called PackageSources. It would end in the extension .xml.

The code that you gave above is JSON, not XML. I would search any .xml files you have for the ICAO code you gave and replace it with the appropriate code.

Hope that helps!

This is the XML entry that wont change. I can edit it and a text editor and save it. When I go back into the project to regenerate, the Airport object is shown in red and it wont let me proceed with the generation and displays the incorrect region error mentioned in the original post. Thanks for the assistance and patience
. Im new to this, learning much.

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The XML uses the code you entered as it’s filename, you might have to rename it, not sure?

Not a problem! This is the file I think you need to change:

PackageSources\Scenery\???\scenery\???.xml (Whatever the name of your project is)

Edit this line:
<Airport ident="EDBD" ....>

(I assume “EDBD” would be changed to “EGDB”?)

Hopefully you are happy with the name you chose for the package, because if not, there are probably a bunch of things you need to change.

The PackagesMetadata folder may regenerate from the XML with the correct data if you delete it. I’m not 100% sure about this, but you can try soft deleting it (into the Recycle Bin), opening and saving it, and see if you get new metadata out of it.

I created a new project using th ecorrect ICAO code and imported the existing project. The ICAO code was updated after taking this action.

Thaks to those who responded. None of the manual edits to the underyling XLS files were successful.