[IDEA] Pressurization control

Dear Asobo, Could we have a new event PRESSURIZATION_PRESSURE_ALT_SET? or
alternatively a simvar that we could write to set the desired Pressurization
Cabin Altitude Goal variable? currently the only option we have is to send
set a desired cabin altitude goal, and since we only get an increase of 3.25
feet each time, it is incredible clunky to set any desired cabin goal, we are
always missing precision, we are also required to sent an incredible amount of
events to the system to just set a required altitude goal. We also need the
PRESSURIZATION_CLIMB_RATE_SET to work properly since right now it doesn’t.
Cabin Pressurization is a very important part of a simulation, ideally we
should be able to fine tune this the best way possible. In addition if we
could have also PRESSURIZATION_CLIMB_RATE_SET implemented again? I just
learned this was deprecated, forcing us to re-execute the _INC / _DEC many
times to set desired goals. There are occasions where we need a set value, for
example if the bleed system or pressurization systems are turned OFF due to
failures or pilot error, you would lose pressure slowly, on a particular case
on a product I am working on, you would lose the pressure at 277 fpm… with
the current system I can only set 250fpm or 300fpm, making it impossible to
replicate real world scenarios. Best, Raul