If we're not allowed to create taxi paths of type TAXI, should they even appear in the SDK in Scenery Hub mode?

There is a World Hub submission that got rejected today. I’m not going to link to because it’s not mine, and I don’t want to call attention to someone else’s rejection. But I will take a quote from it.

One of the moderator comments was:

The user’s submission got rejected for multiple reasons, so it is not clear if it would have been accepted if this were the only issue. But this is also not the only time that someone received this comment from a moderator.

So it begs the question: What is the guidance on this type? Are we to never use it with World Hub airports?

The SDK documentation says:

It doesn’t say, “Don’t use it because traffic won’t always work if you do.”

Does this restrict traffic to aircraft only (no vehicles)? If so, shouldn’t that be part of the documentation? I can imagine scenarios at large airports where vehicles could have completely separate paths to aircraft. If we were to submit something like that, would that be accepted?

If there is never a scenario when we are supposed to use it, and anything we submit with them would be rejected, wouldn’t it make more sense to remove it completely from the SDK when in Scenery Hub mode?

Thank you for asking this again. I don’t think I ever actually got any official reply to the questions I asked in that linked comment. It is also equally valid info for scenery development outside of worldhub. The only obvious difference between taxi and path is path comes preselected show surface turned off. So what’s the difference between Taxi with non-visible surface and Path?

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Absolutely! This has been on my mind since when I first read your post.

Fortunately, the moderators have gotten a lot less strict than back then since your first submission , so I think a lot of the things you did then would be acceptable now. There was an idea back then that each World Hub submission should be a comprehensive overhaul, right after Jörg went on the dev stream and said that each submission could be as little or as much as you wanted.