Implement networking API's for SimConnect & WASM gauges

Currently, the only way to communicate with the internet in the sim is via
JavaScript gauges and the JavaScript fetch() and XMLHttpRequest() calls.
Although we have no need for it, I’m sure many other third party developers
would appreciate the ability to make network calls from WASM gauges.

Hello, This is something we have in our roadmap for the upcoming year.

Hello @SonantAlpaca . There is on your plan for
this year also to grant a connection tunnel between XBOX and external tool
(running simconnect on an intranet PC) ? This is a must for 3rd parties that
dev tools and want be compatible also with MSFS Xbox version Thanks

Any update on this topic ?

Any update on this topic ?

Hello. This is still work in progress as we speak. Too early to tell when it
will be released. Regards, Sylvain

Marking this as completed as this is now possible with the Network API:
Network API