Information about device removed CTDs

Hello @Boris , and all those talentuous team of MS/Asobo I just want to share
with you some questions about the kind of CTDs and messages that occure
occasionnaly on MSFS (mainly moving the camera quicly on heavy meshes
situations, in my case). I am not able to find a way to reproduce the ctd
systematically, but one scenario where it seems to occure is when resources
are provided too quickly to the GPU memory, and there are a lot of
drawcalls/vertices on screen (in photogrammetry scenery for instance). The
json dump logs seems to provide an interresting information here: Each time
the pb occure, and a json dump log is written on the HD, the shader implied in
the error (wich seems to be a compute shader), has always the same hash:

"Shader infos": {
      "Info": {
        "Shader hash": 4456501539687578903,
        "Shader name": "compute_01",
        "Shader size": 1024,
        "Shader type": "Compute"

From the beginning of those errors, it is always the same shader that is
involved. The memory address and the input resource can change, depending on
the context, but it is always the same shader. Since i don’t know what this
shader is supposed to look like, and what are the inputs on this shader, and
how those resources are bound, i don’t know exactly what happens. Maybe a lack
of resource barrier here can explain such a behaviour. Hope this can help you
in investigating this pb. Best regards Thalixte

Hello @Thalixte Thank you for the feedback. This CTD should no longer happen
starting from Nvidia driver version 526.98. Please let us know if it still
does. Edit: Also, can you confirm you are running the game in DX11?
Regards, Sylvain

Hello. Thks for your quick answer. Yes, i use DX11, because in DX12, the tiles
of my sceneries flicker when switching from one lod to another. I own a GTX
1080Ti GPU. Maybe those flickers are not visible wih more recent GPUs…

Oh, and yes, you are right, it cannot be a resource barrier issue when it
comes to DX11. What was the exact pb with Geforce driver , DX11 and compute
shaders ?