InGamePanel within mission not loading properly

Version: SU15 -

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Blocker

Context: In sim (on ground) with a package opened in dev mode

Bug description: We are trying to add an in game panel into a mission file to show a custom interface during the mission. We see this is possible and is done by the Maverick carrier mission - specifically within the asobo-landingchallenge-carrier/Missions/Asobo/LandingChallenges/defaultcarrier/LandingChallenge_Carrier.spb file (decompiled to XML). The dumped definition is as follows:

<SimMission.InGamePanel id="PANEL_FLOLS" InstanceId="{31075AD2-0762-4EAE-93F0-9277BA885A8E}" Name="@asobo-landingchallenge-carrier,TT:GAME.PANEL_NAME_FLOLS" url="coui://html_ui/vfs/missions/Asobo/LandingChallenges/defaultcarrier/Panels/FLOLSPanel/FLOLSPanel.html" TagName="flols-panel" resizeDirections="None" HAnchor="CENTER" minWidth="35.000" minHeight="20.000" defaultWidth="35.000" defaultHeight="20.000" defaultTop="3.000" defaultLeft="-17.500" buttonVisible="false" collapsible="false" headerVisible="false" noBackground="true" managedByToolbar="false" isPanelCloseable="false" hasDefaultVRPosition="true" defaultVRSpaceX="0.000" defaultVRSpaceY="0.101" defaultVRSpaceZ="0.604" defaultVRSpaceQuatX="0.194" defaultVRSpaceQuatY="0.000" defaultVRSpaceQuatZ="0.000" defaultVRSpaceQuatW="-0.981">

We added a SimMission.InGamePanel element into our mission file (minimal reproduction package is attached), but it is very inconsistent in loading the panel without errors. As of writing this, it has only been able to properly load with Coherent once (through a combination of restarting the flight and re-building/updating the script).

On first build, we get an error that resizeDirections is either not set, or it is invalid. It can be neither as it is the same as the definition in the Carrier landing challenge (and matches what is wanted in the appropriate prop def file)

Building again we get a name error

And again we get a GUID error

I tried looking at the console for the Maverick mission, but dev mode is disabled there so nothing was learned from that.

Repro steps:

  • Open the attached project in dev mode while loaded into the sim
  • Open the console
  • Open the Mission asset group in the script editor
  • Make sure Auto Update is enabled under the Game tab of the script editor
  • Press build

Attachments: (12.2 KB)

Please let me know if there is a different preferred way of getting panels to load during missions, or any workarounds to get one to load.