Input Event Parameters/EnumerateInputEventParams() boken/unexplained (was: What are Input Event Parameters?)


As per the title, what can we do with results from [SimConnect_]EnumerateInputEventParams()?

I currently get seeming random results when using this function… for some events the param is “;FLOAT64” and for others it’s an empty string… nor can I see any correlation to the input event descriptions in Behaviors window.

But anyway I’m confused what the “Params” even refers to since each event has one value which already has a type declared.

I found this post that talks about EnumerateInputEventParams() and says, in part:

EnumerateInputEventParams will give the list of parameters you are expected to pass when calling SetInputEvent
Those that are empty are basically toggle events where no parameters are expected.

Which raises some questions for me:

  1. An event can have multiple parameters when “setting” it?
  2. How would one call SetInputEvent() with no value? A null object?
  3. The SetInputEvent() value does seem to matter in my tests, even when EnumerateInputEventParams() returns an empty string. As a random example:
    On the stock Bonanza G36 there is “DEICE_Propeller_1” input event which is an on/off toggle and returns empty “params” value. But using SetInputEvent() seems to require a value of 0 or 1, opposite to the current event value, to actually trigger the event.
  4. Some params results return empty value even though seems like a value would be required/relevant. Eg. on the same Bonanza there is “DEICE_Engine_1” event which takes a float param value between 0 and 1 which converts to “position 16k” unit type range (TTValue 0-100%).



Refiled as bug report (as per pinned admin note in Questions forum).

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