Installation manager looping with large files,

From day one I have had no issues with the download Manager getting past
smaller files, once it hits large file it loops many times, restart the sim
sometimes does help me to get past the large file, Once I get to the tutorials
it will loop for days… Luckily I got past them with a few go arounds but I’m
having a lot of issues with this HUGE file and I cannot seem to get around it,
The % counter is so SLOW I cannot even get to %1 my download speed is plenty
at 40mbits/s, I have been waiting 5 months to install this and I still haven’t
completed the installation…

i also get that happening with that particular large, multi-part file, and I
Have a > 1 GB Internet connection. Rather than wait forever, I have found if
Task-Kill MSFS, and delete all the already downloaded parts of that file, next
time I start MSFS, it successfully downloads all the parts, and the install
completes. May not be the recommended solution, but it works for me – might
work for the OP.

Thanks, I will try to do that!!