Instancing vs merging into one node

Hi Asobo. From a performance standpoint, I am trying to understand if it is
better to instance or merge identical non-animated objects into one part. For
example, if I am making a cabin with 100 seats. Is it better to make one seat
and instance 100 times, or make 1 seat copy it 100 times and merge into one
node? Or as another example, for decals, if I am making 100 square polygons (
each representing a screw ), should I instance one polygon over and over or
copy and merge the 100 into 1 node? Thanks in advance Sherv

Hello @Sherv There’s no good answer in this case Sherv, it all depends on the
vertex count of the object you’re duplicating and the number of instances.
Instancing will be CPU intensive and cost will increase with number of
instances (nodes processing, frustum culling, etc…) Merging will be RAM and
VRAM intensive and a bit more heavy on the GPU as well. So if you have 10000
low poly screws, individual instances is of no use. But if you have 10 high
poly objects, it is. In your particular case (cabin seats), you can probably
combine both and instantiate groups of seats. Then you have to monitor
memory usage and CPU timings to find the good balance. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Sylvain. This is helpful. My gut feeling was to instantiate a group of