Intercept key preses

My question is not about intercepting key events, I know how to do this. For
my FMC, I would like to intercept each key press so that the user can use the
keyboard to enter route information instead of clicking each key on the FMC
keyboard. Obviously, this means that I would enter into a mode in which the
key presses are grabbed by the FMC and not handled by the sim. I successfully
added an event listener to get all keyboard events, my problem is that they
cannot be blocked, they are still handled by the sim. So if I want to enter
LFPG as my departure airport, L will trigger the lights :frowning: How can I avoid
this? I know how to do this in FSX using Windows hooks, I would like to know
if this can be done in JS with MSFS 2020.

Hello @ericmarciano The only way to do this at the moment is to use UI text
input. You can have a look at Working Title G1000 Nxi, it features a use of it
for setting DirectTo for example where clicking on the text field or small
icon next to it enables a text input mode that doesn’t forward key press to
the sim. Check the code in *workingtitle-

Regards, Sylvain