Is inductor compass really supported in the sim?

Hi guys, This week I was finishing up the code for my aircraft. This one has
an inductor compass but I have the impression that the instrument does not
want to know anything and does not respond. I used SimWatcher to be sure, and
indeed everything is at 0.00 Here is how it looks like in the cockpit: - The
heading selector modeled by a knob / CODE:

- The derivation indicator
going from -10° to 10° / CODE:
If someone has an idea I would be grateful

Hi Jimmy, Since you have an inductor compass, you need to be sure that it’s
properly declared to your cockpit.cfg (See the docs here, in the

direction_indicator.0 = 1,0
**induction_compass.0** = 2

Then, if your induction compass is driven by the anenometer, you must check
that you have added it :

**anemometer.0** = 1,1,1

We will change the docs to make it more clear :wink: @Nocturne Regards, Boris

Thank you Boris… Now it’s working well !