Is it possible to show real 3D textures

Hello, is it possible to display recognizable height differences pbr 3D
textures in MSFS2020 ? Like here the sheets in the picture. I only get flat
textures when i use height or roughness maps. Or is the graphic engine not
able jet to show real 3d textures ? Thanks for answers…

The material shown in materialize use height as a displacement map to fake
geometry MSFS uses normal map + ambient occlusion, you can use the normal map
multiplier to make it more noticeable, or if you really need such detail, just
model them, msfs uses a modern graphic engine and can easy handle several
hundreds thousand of triangles, just be wise and at distance switch to a less
detailed model using lods

Ok, thanks for the answer.I will testing more with Normal/AO maps to get a
little bit more 3D look.