Is the / a valid character in an animation "Node Id"

Is the / a valid character in an animation Node ID ? ie In the Asobo C172
steam btn_breaker_alt/fld Then in the XML, even if the / is quotes, it does
not work as expected

@FlyingRaccoon Please could someone from the SDK team comment on if the /
character is intended to be a valid character in an Animation Node ID ?

It would seem that the Debug Error log, now correctly identifies and reports
those cases where the Asobo C172 Steam has the “/” character in two of its
Animation Ids, so one would assume that all that is needed to get this
corrected is to file a ZenDesk report. Note: The SDK part is doing a great
job in detecting and reporting this coding syntax error :slight_smile:

Hello @N6722C You are right, / char is not supported in Node ID. The part
you’re referring to in the official C172 package is commented out in all the
version I can find and it’s been like this since the game was released from
what I can see. Are you sure you didn’t edit that part? Regards, Sylvain

The two node IDs in the Deluxe Edition C172 Steam that have Invalid Characters
are, (as your probably have already determined)

  1. btn_breaker_lts/pwr
  2. [ 4:21 PM ] btn_breaker_alt/fld
  3. [ 4:21 PM ]

With Jorg telling us in today, in the Dev Q&A;, that the Premium & Deluxe
planes are going to be somewhat “opened Up” for Modding ( I suspect .cfg file
no longer encoded), please consider correcting these two Node Names in the
Model, so Mods can successfully work with those two Animation nodes, and
thereby give the potential for a Mod to be created that can make all the
Circuit Breakers functional in this plane. It is the height of frustration,
that all other Circuits breakers can be made to animate, EXCEPT these two,
because of a mistake of them being given Invalid Node Names, something that
only Asobo can correct in the encoded Model.

Hello @N6722C Ok, just wanted to make sure the problem was occurring only when
modding the aircraft and not with the base content. The info has been
forwarded to the artists and they’ll do the modification. Regards, Sylvain

Many thanks Sylvain – having a full set of workable Breakers will be a great
step forward with the C172 Classic. Are you able to tell us who the
Artists/developers are of the C172 Classic - Asobo, or some 3rd party
Contracted Developer ?