Is the TOW_PLANE_REQUEST event in the SDK docs actually working in the sim?

Event TOW_PLANE_REQUEST is in the SDK Docs but does anyone know if it’s
actually implemented? I have working model XML to trigger the event, but maybe
4 out of 5 times it has instantly CTD’d the sim without even the following
line of RPN executing. ONCE it did connect me to a winch launch which was
unexpected as the prior launch (which I released) was an aerotow. If I comment
out the event trigger in the XML (i.e. wrap it with “0 if{ … }”) the the
code runs without issues (but unsurprisingly doesn’t request the tow).
TOW_PLANE_RELEASE seems pretty robust, the TUG will release and taxi away if
you’re still on the ground, or the cable will release in the air.

Hello @B21 I tried to reproduce your issue with XML and C++ but i didn’t
manage to have CTD, the winch launch spawned and launch my glider with a 100%
repro rate. Can you send me a dump file of your crash or your package for us
to try to reproduce the issue (see [3) provide private
bug-or-crash.html)). By trying to reproduce this issue we’ve come across the
fact that, indeed, this event was only spawning winch and not tow plane, it
will be corrected in a future update. Best Regards, Yohan

thanks very much for the quick response - I’ll create a test case and report
back. At the moment my (>K:TOW_PLANE_REQUEST) is buried in some fairly complex
XML not really suitable for someone else to debug. With a bit of luck I’ll be
able to reproduce my issue with a one-liner on the LS8-18 or the DG1001.

YAY bug is fixed in SU12 Beta and my original model XML code that issues a
“TOW_PLANE_REQUEST” is now working like a boss, including MSFS remembering
whether you previously selected winch or aerotow. Thanks Asobo!