Is there a planned fix for Corrected N1 being capped at 100%?

N1 is capped at 100% as reported here: I’d like to ask if a fix is
still planned for FS2020, as the problem limits high altitude engine
performance unless custom code is written for the engines.

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Bumping this one up as it is an important bug affecting jets and turboprops.

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Agree with Alex… I am about to jump into Jets… pls I don’t want to face the same problem as with Turbos… I wanted a break from Turbos thinking I would be better off with Jets :face_with_spiral_eyes:


It’s the same issue for helicopters. The last few N1 are more important and without going above 100% the engine model won’t achieve the expected hover performance at some higher altitudes or weights.

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So what you are saying is, I cannot escape the bug from Turbos by trying to do a Jet or a Helicopter?


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No you cannot escape it. The N1% for a family of engines is a little arbitrary and usually the same RPM for all variants in the family; so it’s typical to go above 100%, and sometimes even quite a lot above.

Bumping this one up.