Is there a Stroke or Border Option for Apron or Polygon Objects?

Hey gang, I noticed that there’s a blue rectangle on the apron so I tried to replicate it. Is there a STROKE property or method with the SDK? The solution I took was to create two apron objects color one of them blue (fill) and shrink the other one to give the illusion of a blue stroke. I’m hoping there’s a more efficient way of doing this. Thanks for your insight.

You can use a painted line and assign to it a custom blue material

Or a projected Mesh

A painted line! That makes so much sense. DOH! Thanks @mamuDesign

I tried out PaintedLine, which would have been an absolute best solution. The only issue is colorization isn’t an option in the property. I tried a couple different TYPEs, but none of them were equivalent to blue. :frowning_face:

With that said; I just reread your message. I’ll have to figure out how to add a custom material. :smiley: