Is there any program way to LOAD water ballast?

One of my gliders loads with NO ballast (it’s more training oriented) but I
provide an in-cockpit method to “request ballast”. This was all programmable
ok with ‘payloads’ because there’s a writeable simvar, but this doesn’t seem
to be the case with water ballast. The great thing about the new ballast
support is the flight model understands the lateral position of the ballast,
which is not the case for payloads. None of the water ballast simvars seem to
be writable, and the only event seems to be “TOGGLE WATER BALLAST VALVE:X”. Is
it not possible to program a ‘ballast fill’ ?

Hello @B21 That’s not possible at the moment. I’ll check with our designers if
that can be made settable like payloads. Don’t expect any change soon though,
if you were considering using water ballasts for your product release.
Regards, Sylvain