Issue creating ILS in DEV mode

Since WU8 the default ILS for YMLT on RW32 (Launceston Tasmania) has been off
to the left of the taxiway with a touchdown at the check-in counter of the
terminal… I have added an ILS override directly into the XML and that works
however I want to use the DEV mode functionality. So I removed the lines I
added to the XML and set the deleteAllILSs to TRUE Using v1.27.14.0 I find I
can add the ILS but NEVER save it. Specifically I have the following issues:

  1. Frequency always defaults to a rounded value - I try to enter 109.500 but the display is 109
  2. I can never save
    * I always receive an error stating the ILS frequency needs to be between 108 and 117.95
    * Invalid child object

Refer to the 2 images

This is the actual information
I enter for the ILS This is the
default ILS and as can be seen it’s some way off to the left

After spending all day :slight_smile: on this I worked it out sort of… Frequency is
entered without an actual decimal point thus:
To be fair - the SDK
documentation does not elude to this:
I cheated a bit by putting the
following into the XML between the Runway section and manually inserting the
end=“PRIMARY” component. It seems that’s the bit that causes the error and
doesn’t get written into the XML from DEV. Once I did this, the errors went
away and the values were visible in DEV. I also had to set the DeleteAllILS =
“FALSE” to be able to actually see and use the ILS

I would still like it confirmed
by someone if possible. Thanks.

Hello @Ironpot , The frequency to enter is in Hz, as indicated in the input.
You should put the frequency in Hz (109500000) as indicated in the input and

Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris Seems there’s two sets of documentation! Anyway yes agreed. What of
the end statement missing in the write back to xml. Can you check? And can you
advise whoever that YMLT is off with it’s default ILS?

@Ironpot, Because we can do manual edit via xml or the scenery editor, yes,
they are 2 type of documentation for the runway properties. The xml
documentation for runways is here
You can see in the description that we are talking about xml

The documentation for the
scenery editor is here
We can cleary see that we are talking about the scenery editor :wink:
I suggest you edit your ILS
settings via the scenery editor only. The and should be inside

About the fact that YMLT is off
with it’s default ILS, you should open an issue on our
as this is not
devsupport related Regards, Boris

Thanks @Boris. Will do and thanks for the answer