Issues building my package?

First of all, thanks for reading!

So I wanted to make my own static aircraft mod via the developer mode (without using sdk), I have been spending 2 days trying to get everything how I wanted it and I’m very happy with the results, the problem is the following: When I try to build my package, everything seems to be doing fine but then as soon as I put the package into my community folder to test my project only a few static planes show up, I did instead place a lot more planes that just don’t seem to show up at all, also I did place some props next to some planes (stairs and baggage loaders etc) These also don’t show up.

The weird thing is that as soon as I load my project again in developer mode everything does show as I created it inside the editor, just whenever I export and load it into my community folder it’s not showing.

I put all the planes and props in one BGL asset. This is my first project so I wonder what I’m doing wrong. My guess that I’m not saving something the way it should be saved, I tried opening a new project and placed a few static planes (SimObject → fsltl-traffic-base) but these also didn’t show up at all when I built my package and put the package in the community folder. I will add some screenshots.

Thanks in advance, I hope someone can help :slight_smile:

Could be unrelated,
But why did you set the content-type of the project to MISC? it should be SCENERY

you may want to share with the team (or anyone else if you wish) the package in order to double check whether the issue is consist for multiple users

Another idea would be to remover Packages and _PackageInt dirs and rebuild

Hey, I found the solution. Something was wrong with the way I set up my folders…