It looks like some formatting got lost during the port

How do I get the actual current flaps angle? seems to have lost some of the formatting from the old site, so what should be code or lists has turned into plain paragraph text. It also looks like there’s no post edit option for ported posts, even though the forum software does correctly identify me as being the post author, so that makes it hard to fix the incorrect formatting.

Hello @TheRealPomax

I’m not very optimistic about what we are going to be able to do to improve formatting programmatically.

The editing lock was caused by a setting of Discourse that limits the time you have to edit your posts.
I have removed that limit for now.
Let me know if you are able to edit your posts again and thank you for taking the time to do so.


Thanks, I’ve been able to edit the messages I had that were formatted incorrectly. There’s some patterns that suggest that this is not going to be fixable without a fix to the importer and reimporting (or doing a parallel “staging” import on a new instance and then swapping posts between staging and production. Which sounds hilariously cumbersome), like the list bullet being :, and quotes-with-replies having been turned into giant multiline quote blocks (with newlines and extra > injected to make glueing things back together automatically basically impossible)

I’ve edited my own posts in that thread, it might be worth trying a reimport for any thread that’s hadn’t seen activity for a month+ or something just to make sure old posts can still be read for future users, but short of that I think you’re right in that fixing the formatting programmatically after the fact seems pretty much impossible.