It's any way to add custom controller command?

For example, i want add some switches to aircraft, but by default no any
command to control those switches. It’s possible to create custom (NEW)
commands to map key binds to LVAR?

It’s not possible, but I hereby request this feature. We have add-ons putting
in there documentation “use unrelated control X to perform function Y”. I’d
like a [Commands] section in the config file. When the aircraft package is
loaded, users could assign these custom commands in the controls menu like any
other that comes natively with the sim.

Hello. This is not possible yet but we have plans for this. You’ll get more
info as the development goes on. Regards, Sylvain

Just to add on to the above request, along with custom commands that could be
assigned in the Controls menu, it would be extremely useful to also have
custom axis that could be used by aircraft developers as well that could then
also be mapped by end users to their hardware.

Is this feature still planned? Haven’t seen it on a wishlist or any type of
tracker released to the public. It would definitely allow for much more

++++ 2024 year, what about custom commands?