Itt_tc seems to be capped

When tuning ITT for jet engines, the value of itt_tc seems to be capped. This
is making the value too slow for my current small jet engine, which responds
decently fast. ITT lags behind RPM quitle a lot. currently itt_tc = 2, but a
setting of 20, or even 20000 makes no difference. tiny values like 0.1 will
slow it down.

itt_peak_temperature = 2400
itt_tc = 2
itt_tuning_constant = 1
fuel_flow_max_itt_factor = 1.38
fuel_flow_min_itt_factor =0.7
n1_cooling_factor = 0.01

Hello @MariopilotPD808 You are right, the itt correction is capped at ±50
degrees Rankine per second at the moment. Starting with SU10, we will expose a
new itt_maxcorrection parameter to adjust this limit. Regards, Sylvain