Hello, I have added this line in my engines.cfg, yet the engines are still
using SL fuel flow throughout the flight: JET_density_on_ff = 0.002378:1.0,
0.002049:0.8177, 0.001756:0.6638, 0.001496:0.5342, 0.001267:0.4271,
0.001066:0.3376, 0.000890:0.2646, 0.000737:0.2047, 0.000585:0.1575,
0.000460:0.1243 Anything wrong with it? Thanks!

Hello, Could I get an update on this? Thank you!

Hello @boufogre Sorry for the delay in my answer. Maybe this is not clear
enough in the doc but the table needs to go from low to high densities.
Replacing your table with this should work: jet_density_on_ff_table =
0.000460:0.1243, 0.000585:0.1575, 0.000737:0.2047, 0.000890:0.2646,
0.001066:0.3376, 0.001267:0.4271, 0.001496:0.5342, 0.001756:0.6638,
0.002049:0.8177, 0.002378:1.0


**Regards, Sylvain

Hello @FlyingRaccoon (I will keep trying this until it works), I have just
tested and indeed, that was the solution. I confirm you that it is not clear
at all from the documentation that density has to be put in an increasing
order. Maybe it should be specified. Thanks again for the help.

@Nocturne will fix that. :slight_smile: