Jetway API last remaining issues

Two issues remain with the Jetway API: - The PBH structure seems to return
wrong values, at least for the heading. Yes, we could use a workaround, and
the request the heading of the jetway Simobject with an extra call, but it
would be best if the API returned the correct values already. - A data that
might be important in some cases is missing: the XYZ position of the Start of
the IKMainHandle chain. We found there are some jetways that have been modeled
to represent non-standard types, like the ones without a rotating head with a
“T” structure, or other types, and they are usually made by playing with
constraints, and/or using the start of the MainHandle to have a sort of
“moving root”, the jetway object doesn’t really move (that’s the problem), but
the jetway appear to have moved because what really moved was the start of the
IKMainHandle, so we can no longer assume that, for example, passengers could
walk from the “end” of the IKMainHandle (which is what is being returned now
from API) straight to the jetway fixed insertion point, because they should
walk to the Start of the IKMainHandle instead, which no longer matches the
fixed root after the jetway moved. We tried all sort of workarounds, like
using the heading from the IKSecondaryHandle to the IKMainHandle, the heading
from the door to the IKMainHandle,. the airplane heading, the parking heading,
an average between all of them but, depending how the IK is solved, nothing
works everywhere, so we would really need the Start of the IKMainHandle, in
addition to the end which is currently returned now.