Jetway Stairs

The majority of the jetways at the airport have ladders/stairs on their side
to enable ground crew to go upstair to the plane. Usually the ladder has a
pivotpoint on the upperside and some wheels on the ground. The ladder’s angle
changes as the jetway pitches up and down. AFAIK this is not yet solvable with
the current Node structure or at least the jetway example does not have it. It
would be nice to have a ground lock or something like that. Thanks a lot!

Yes, this is a really important problem with complex/detailed jetway models.
It seems no stairs animation is currently available.

Not possible at this moment, point to, orient rotate etc for model constrains
not working, only IK chains from xml but those are only for ground wheel,
primary and secondary movement. If we can use more than one groudwheellock
type inside one xml that would be great. I dod not tried attached animation…