Joystick Info

As per this topic: It would be
wonderful to have a listing through SimConnect of the joysticks connected,
through SimConnect_RequestJoystickDeviceInfo () perhaps, along with their
HIDs/GUIDs, so we can be able to assign proper button / axis functionality to
the right hardware device. As it stands at the moment, this is impossible and
the JoystickInput sample is quite useless. Thank you!

Hello, just bringing this up again as it would be nice to have a heads-up on
where we stand…

Have you checked if this is available via Coherent / JS? if it is, perhaps
then you can control this via a tablet EFB or HTML gauge of some sort… R.

Sorry, Raul, you mean the JoystickInfo through Coherent/JS? How would that
assist our WASM gauges?

Ohh I see, hmm just trying to help you keep going… I know how it feels when
you hit a road block. I cannot judge what you guys doing, but, any particular
reason why you trying to get specific mappings for joystic, etc.? for WASM?
for my projects I am using heavily also WASM and I only intercept MSFS
K:events based on what the user has selected via the UI. If I need to mask
something I find it easier also to be done via model behaviours instead of
Simconnect, I can send you some examples of the model behaviour masking via
input events if you need. Best, Raul

Hi @simfan, There is no plan to provide something
similar to SimConnect_RequestJoystickDeviceInfo at the moment. Can you
elaborate on what you are trying to achieve? Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Hi @EPellissier , in the other “Joystick Info”
thread, the discussion proved that the existing Joystick Input sample was
pretty much useless because there is no way of knowing which number
corresponds to which joystick, should the user have more than a single
joystick connected. (In fact, there’s no knowledge at all, in code, of how
many joysticks are connected at all). For example, if you have a flight stick
and rudder pedals and you try to map an input event to a button click event
(as per the joystick input sample), you have no idea what you’re connecting to
what, as the “joystick::” is pretty much meaningless without information on
the existing list of devices connected. (how do you know what the corresponds
to?) A list of connected devices returned, along with their GUIDs (or HIDs) as
per the XML files found in the Input folder would be tremendously helpful to
match apples to apples.

Hi again, We will see what can be done about this - it is unlikely that we
will have news on this topic for SU12 though. Best regards, Eric / Asobo