Landmarks are not shown in bush missions after SU5

Although set inte the Assistance, the landmarks (POIs, etc) are not shown
while flying a bush mission. Can this be fixed to work again?

Hi, I’m creator of BushTripInjector and can confirm this issue. I suspect it
is related in some way to the new Fly Assistant, introduced with SU5. I guess,
you are talking about landmarks!

Hello, The developer behind missions design is out of the office at the
moment. I’ll make sure he takes a look at this when he gets back!

Hope to see him/her back soon :).

So, when is that developer back?

Tried testing this with SU6 and it still appears to be broke.

@SonantAlpaca - Any updated status on this?

This is also still broke in SU7. Any news on this one as well?

any updates?

1,5 years later … is it supposed to take this long to get some info? Or a