Latest SDK download?

What is the latest SDK version ? and if you have a link that would be great.

Hello @ZenMusic , You can download the latest sdk for your game version via
the developer top bar > Help > SDK Installer (Core). The same goes for
documentation and samples. See the documentation
Regards, Boris

thanks, tte SDK Installer (Core) is using 0.21 but I know 0.22 is the latest. What am I missing?


The SDK version depends on the sim version, because some features won’t work if you have a newer sdk than the sim.

At this moment, the latest sdk is 0.22.1 which can be downloaded using a SU13 flighting build (the same way Boris showed you in his last post).
If you can only download the 0.21 SDK, that means that you are using a SU12 build.

Best Regards
Maxime / Asobo