[Legacy sounds] Will internal sounds for AI be working in the future?

I noticed that legacy internal sounds (viewpoint=1) for AI aircraft do not
work. With this I mean the ai aircraft sound when inside the cockpit of my
plane. External sounds (viewpoint=2) work as expected. Will this be fixed or
are we forced to use WWise sounds?

Hello, The viewpoint attribute does not define if you can hear other
simobjects sound from the inside/outside, it defines if a given sound can be
heard from the inside or outside. To adjust how much you can hear external
sounds from your cockpit, you need to adjust the Insulation_ExitClosed
attribute : Sound Definitions

Regards, Sylvain

I think you don’t understand what I meant. Inside my aircraft I can hear ai
aircraft that have WWise sounds, but not ai aircraft that have legacy sounds.
Outside my aircraft I can hear both types. Is this a bug or intentional?

Ok, if you can hear everything but the AI legacy sounds, it’s a bug then. I
notified our sound guys, they will have a look. Regards, Sylvain

Hello @MaVe_Creations Our dev needs to check the content of your soundai.cfg
file, can you upload your package as a private comment so we can have a look
please? Regards, Sylvain

There’s nothing special about the contents. Just standard FSX sounds with
viewpoint =1. But never mind, I use Wwise now, and made the sounds in native
format. Only issue I have now is, the built in inside cockpit sounds of the
outside AI planes are a bit soft.

I send them an example project from AIM to test, so we might get Lagacy-Sound

Hi @FlyingRaccoon Was this ever resolved? If
not could I raise the issue again. Standing by if you need any files for

was fixed in SU8 with a next fix in SU9