Light bleed through

Hi Asobo. I am trying to understand why light is bleeding through the
dashboard. I checked to see if there are any openings and I can’t find one. I
also tried using the occluder material to block the light but it does not
work. I’m definitely missing something here. Any idea what is causing this?

Could it possibly be light from a side window?

Hello @Sherv The best you can do is have your shadow
sphere encapsulate the area where you want to have good shadows. But your
front panel should already be encompassed. If this sphere is too big, this can
also cause this kind of rendering artefacts as you loose precision. Regards,

Hi Sylvain, This is something we need improvement, on larger airplanes is
almost impossible to avoid these bleeds with the shadow sphere… are there any
plans to introduce alternatives? large planes like the Airbuses / 747 ends up
suffering from this either in the cockpit or the back cabin unfortunately…
Best, Raul

I added a mesh on the inside of the dashboard around that area to “block” any
light from the side but still did not work.

Thanks Sylvain. To echo what Raul said below, is there a way to add a
“Occluder” mesh to block the direct sun light from hitting a certain area? I
don’t think I can make the shadow sphere work in this case but I will try.

Hello Sherv. No there isn’t. The shadow sphere is the only tool you can use
for now. That’s something we want to improve in the future. Regards, Sylvain

This is something that’s definitely in need of some love. The shadow sphere
doesn’t really do a lot, esspecially in that tandem cockpit aircraft I’m
currently developing. There’s some suggestions floating around like building
the cockpit mesh fully watertight (doesn’t help) and increasing the thickness
of the cockpit walls (helps a bit), but nothing that really adresses the
issues with sun bleed thru. Please pretty please put that on your to-do-list.

This really needs to be fixed! It also affects buildings and objects in
sceneries, as can be seen in this picture. Doesn’t look very

Here is another example why we need a fix for this…

This is the new ATR released by
Microsoft, I am certain the 3D models is perfect, Hans is an amazing
developer, but since we have an SDK lacking the capability to put the right
shadows in the cabin, it just makes the entire product to look bad… Best,