"Light Row" Options

Hello! I’d like to recommend adding options and “types” of lights in the
“LightRow” function. Currently, we only have blue edge taxi lights. Having an
option to change the color and type (3D model or flat pad on pavement) would
be wonderful. The current system does it’s best to either put a 3D (standing)
model or a flat, pavement light based on surface it’s being placed on, but
it’s often not accurate and furthermore, we sometimes need to override what it
wants to do. Although there are many work arounds to achieve a desired effect,
it’s often not efficient in terms of production productivity. Thank you! Be
well and God bless! -La Palabra

This option is already there, but not obvious. Go to the airport object
properties and look at the Light Preset section. Here you can define light
presets that you can then select in the LightRow properties. You can set up
type, color, position and mesh.

Thanks for the tip! I don’t see an option to select the type of “3D mount” the
light is on though. In other words, an option to say it’s on a 3D
stand/stick/pole (like on taxiway edges and runway edges) or a flat pad (like
on runway/taxiway centerlines, ie: any area aircraft will taxi over).

I second that. There are different color lights at airports (like orange or
red) on flat pads (centerline-style). The option lapalabra is writing about
would indeed be very useful.

You do this already with customer light types… you just have to build them is

Click the “select mesh” button shown in this screenshot to select the 3D model
that is placed under each light.
Here is an example from ENSH. All taxi lights, approach lights (except PLASI),
runway lights including edge, center, wingbars and balked landing is placed
using light preset and light row.