LightRow Mesh LOD Limit?

It appears that objects placed as LightRows have limited LOD distances no
matter the size of the object or value set in XML. As you can see here the
street lights don’t show up beyond the red line, but as I’m moving the camera
they appear one by one, which looks particularly weird during a standard

Hello @pyreegue , Can you share with us your light preset and your
gltf/bin/xml? See [3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) As you can see in this screenshot, I’m pretty far from the
airport and the lights are still visible even though the custom 3D asset is no
longer there. Maybe it’s just the intensity setting that’s too low.

Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris, thanks for a swift response. It’s not the light itself, but the
mesh that is attached to a Light Row preset that has limited visibility. I
placed that street light as a scenery object and it was visible from much
farther away than the ones placed as light rows. I even added a massive
invisible cube to increase the viewing distance but that did not help either.

Hi @pyreegue , So we checked the code and it appears that the visibility of a
light row mesh is hard-coded, regardless of what we can define in the lod
section of the XML as you said above and the reason for this was to manage the
memory usage of the Xbox. Since we agree that this limitation should not be
hard-coded but rather depend of the platform settings, I added this item to
our backlog. Thank you for pointing this out (and for the sample) :slight_smile: Regards,