Localization descriptions not showing for all variants in Hangar

We’ve added the MSFS-supplied localization files with our aircraft, which has
three variants (three aircraft files in the the SimObjects/Airplanes folder.
This has been done using the updated localization file installing instructions
on this forum, and was used successfully on our previous aircraft release
(which had two versions). However, in the Hangar now, when selecting the
aircraft, only one variant has a description, the rest just show the title of
the supplied description for that variant
(eg.“TT:AIRCRAFT.DESCRIPTION.AIRCRAFT2”). If we use the description that works
for the first aircraft in all three variants, then that description shows
successfully for all. File layout has been checked, and the aircraft.cfg
entries have been checked. We’ve tried putting a Localization file, containing
the loc. file, in each variant’s folder, just in case, but that just creates a
duplication error in the console when compiling, and the descriptions still
don’t show. Any idea what we’ve missed or might be doing wrong?

have you tried placing the the individual aircraft.loc files in a
\Localization folder within each variants root folder ?

Hello @mandatedmf1 , As you probably have a localization file per variation,
you have to use a macro. Example :

ui_variation = **@mycompany-aircraft-livery-alu** ,TT:AIRCRAFT.DESCRIPTION.AIRCRAFT2

@mycompany-aircraft-livery-alu is the name of the variation mounted in the
VFS. Regards, Boris

Many thanks. Did that, and problem remains. Could there be an issue with the
loc files? Compiling the package shows an error in the Console, no matter how
the loc files are set up.

@mandatedmf1 , Send us your project in a private comment, I will take a look
at it :wink: See [3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Many thanks for the offer! However, when new replacement Localization files
were given to us, the problem went away. It seems the problem was within the
original set of Localization files.