Looks like DRM has been cracked, fix coming?

Title says it all

Why so many LIKES ??? It really is NOT a good thing !!

The more likes are likely to give more “attention” to the topic (the MSDS
franchise seem to love “votes”)

Hello everyone. I can’t tell how and when it be fixed at the moment but a lot
of people are working on this as we speak. Regards, Sylvain

I am attentive to this topic. DRM breaking is very critical. It greatly
affects our work. The pirate pages are saturating their servers with visits.

esto fue un gran problema para los desarrolladores y sus equipos de trabajo ,
deberian considerar la opcion de otros simuladores de distintos rubros, el
simulador solo debe aceptar escenarios comprados en el market oficiales.
MĂ­nimo en modo Online . Muchos equipos se han visto afectados economicamente
monetariamente, muchas horas de trabajo tirados a la basura , quizas por gran
error y descuido.

@FlyingRaccoon Is there way in JS (ie Not
WASM) to tell in a Mod to an Asobo Premium/Deluxe Plane, if that plane is
still DRM protected, as opposed to one that has had it’s DRM removed. ?
Reason: To prevent a legitimate (non Marketplace) Mod for a Asobo
Premium/Deluxe plane from running on DSM Cracked Planes.

Why not doing something like in the good old days of the original Xbox ?
Consider users with pirated copies of Marketplace products like cheaters, and
ban them from all online services in the sim. No real weather, no real AI, no
multiplayer, no Bing, no Photogrammetry. nothing… Back then, when modchips
for the original Xbox started to appear, if you were found online with a
modified console, your console was completely banned from any online service,

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What a pirate website is doing is incomprehensible. For months I have informed
Asobo/Microsoft of the existence of a website that publishes everything as
soon as it is published and it still hasn’t stopped. I don’t understand why
that website is not blocked. The affected developers are working for free so
that these pirates pirate our work.

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Not only must each product be better protected, but the police and judicial
authorities should arrest the person responsible and block that website.

Said website and whoever is behind it knows what they are doing (in a sense),
as all of the services they use from domain, to web/file hosting, dns, email,
etc is all done in a smart way with no real trace left behind. Even their
website is pretty buttoned up, for being wordpress based… All of the services
pretty much refuse to act on any issue regarding piracy/copyright unless you
can provide solid legal proof. Even then, some just choose to look the other
way because they are located in a country where they can. Piracy has been
around for a long time in the flightsim community, as with many modable games
(ATS, ETS, etc). One place gets taken down, then just give it another month or
two… What ticks me off the most though isn’t the fact that the products we
rely on for income, be it full-time or supplemental, and dedicate so much time
to making, are being openly distributed, but the fact that said website is
earning revenue from those downloading them. We’ve already been kicked in the
gut, but that’s an additional spit in the face.

In the meantime, something like an (A:IS DRM, bool) might go some way to
at least allow Devs to prevent their now Legal Mod of a DRM protected plane,
to run in a Cracked DRM plane, and discourage those that download DRM Cracked
planes from these Pirate websites. ie Some way to detect , supported in JS
ideally, if a Plane has any .fsarcive files ? Upsetting, that just ONE DAY,
after releasing our C172 Classic Enhansemnt Mod, ( that should only Mod and
run on legal Preminim/Deluxe SRM protected planes
), that not only was our
Mod up on these Pirate sites, but also, on these sites, are Fully Cracked
Premium / Deluxe planes …, so both Microsoft and us are being pirated !! One
of the positive side effect from us producing a Mod for a Premium/Deluxe
plane, was that it encourages players to purchase the Premium/Deluxe Version,
or in many cases UPGRADE. . Now this upgrade / sale for Microsoft, of
Premium/deluxe planes , is now lost, since the Cracked planes are now freely
available on these pirate sites. !!

Futile effort, they will modify the JS or .xml we put since it is clear text…
this would not help at all.

Thats assuming you have your JS in Clear text, and then how you hide the
testing… Agreed, not totally secure, but enough to slow them down, and
frustrate them, in the hope they move on to easier pickings.!!

Not sure how much it would frustrate them. Those people are driven by

It would take them less than 24 hours to by pass it man… It is a waste of
effort from our side… the best course of action is to wait for MS to make the
DRM stronger and improve our product with a faster rate, I find in practice,
they get fedup from following add-ons that update too fast… so eventually
they drop the cracking leaving an older version on their pirate sites…
leaving only your loyal customer enjoying your good work… R.

However, there have been reports of SIMONCITO PLAZA injecting spyware into
packages to steal accounts. If you didn’t know, find out, there are several
pirate MUPPETS who have lost their Facebook accounts, twitter and others
because they go down pirate airports and planes. There are many Youtubers who
brag about buying planes or airports and they are really pirated copies.

It is incredible that some of us who are selling exclusively in the
marketplace are being affected by this now. We still have no response as to
why DRM was broken. Suggestions:

  • Backing up what /users/95/virtuali.html said, Microsoft/Asobo should make the simulator like American Truck Simulator. If the user does not buy the DLC or addons from the official source, then this user cannot play or have online services.
  • Make 3rd party stores like simmarket, aerosoft, etc, sell you a claim code, that you can type in the markeplace to claim an specific product. Just like when you buy a code in amazon for a game, but you do not get the files, you go claim it in the official store (XBOX, EA, PSN, etc)
  • Add something in the sim code, to block packages from the community folder that are known to be exclusive from the marketplace. This way if the person downloads a pirated copy, it simply will not work.

Piracy and trying to prevent it is a cat and mouse game that’s been around
ever since copy protection has been invented. Devs and publishers create a
copy protection scheme, and then pirates crack it. Devs secure it, pirates
find another way to crack it again. This same cycle can also be found in
cheats for online games. It’s always only a matter of time before it’s
cracked. It’s a truth that has to be dealt with. In no way am I condoning it
or saying it’s right. Every developer has the right to have their software
protected from piracy. It’s just a very unfortunate truth. You gotta hand it
to Microsobo here though for how well they did it. It took a full 2 years
before DRM was finally cracked. That’s an eternity in this kind of space.
Typically it takes days to weeks for pirates to crack copy protection schemes.
The fact it took them 2 years to crack this is a testament to how good the
copy protection was.

" We still have no response as to why DRM was broken. " The why is a mute
point … what is more critical, is WHEN it will be fixed, and with a stronger
encryption method… its probably not the first time this has happened …? At
the end of the day, it’s Microsoft who need to get this resolved, hopefully in
a way it does not happen again… We (and especially the hackers) do not need
details, just to be assured it is FIXED.