Magnetic Variation at any place in WASM

I saw the question about getting magnetic variation at any location in JS, but
that won’t work for my backend WASM systems code. Is there any possibility of
getting this in WASM?

As far as I am aware (and I just had the problem with the ATR), this is
currently not possible. I’d love to see this as a feature though because
currently, the A:MAGNETIC VARIATION simvar is the only reliable source.
Magvars from the Simconnect Facilities API are not exactly good because
they’re not just rounded to integer but for several places are way off the

Yeah I saw that post. Hence would like Asobo to add it. I would be curious as
to what workarounds you might be using for now though?

Hello @JB3DG There’s no equivalent in the Gauge API or SimConnect API at the
moment. However, now that SimConnect allows you to read and write Lvars
(SU12), I guess you could use it to transfer the values from JS back to your
WASM module?
Regards, Sylvain

Thanks. I will work with that for now.