Make typos and thinkos in cfg files produce unmissable error messages

Especially in the new fuel and electrical systems it is easy to make typos in the names of objects on lines that reference other objects. Or other similar typos/thinkos. Apparently errors like that are silently ignored. If I have a pump called “LeftToRightBalancePump” and in a trigger by mistake make a typo in its name, write “StartPump.LeftToRighttBalancePump”, ideally I would expect a clear and unambiguous error message saying something like “StartPump action refers nonexistent pump called ‘LeftToRighttBalancePump’”.

Etc. I did something like that earlier today and spent literally hours staring at the lines before I spotted the problem.

Also, if these lines have invalid keys, you don’t get any error message. Earlier I had accidentally written “Connection” instead of “Connections” on several lines. Very hard to spot.

Or actually, I now notice that some such problems do generate messages, but these are not errors or even warnings in the console. They should be. There are so many “plain” messages that the ones generated by your cfg files drown in the mass. Especially as they don’t count as PackageBuilder messages.