Making PBR texture - sdk interface appears different

Hi, I’m new to developing for MSFS after switching from WorldEditor for
X-Plane which was an external app so this whole “develop in-sim” idea is new
to me. I’m following a tutorial I found for creating PBR ground textures and
have gotten to the stage of compiling the texture in the Material Inspector.
Here’s my issue - the guide I’m watching shows two material selection boxes:
one for Albedo and one for Normal Roughness Metal. (picture one)

Yet my interface only has one
box - and the “Surface” box is missing too (picture two)
Where’ve I gone wrong? Thanks!

Hm, for some reason after trying again, it worked. Thanks!

Hello @Frameworks Some parts of the Material Editor depend on the context. For
example, the Surface drop list will only be displayed in the context of the
Scenery Editor. But if you have the Visual Effects Editor opened, this
attribute will not be shown. Regards, Sylvain