Mapping Custom Camera Views to an Air Manager 4 Button

I’m running the very latest version of MSFS 2020 (store edition) on 4 monitors. One of these monitors is dedicated to Air Manager 4 for Desktop. To simplify my flying experience. I have developed an Instrument Panel for Air Manager 4 c/w a panel that has a number of buttons that control “Announcements”, “Music Selections” and hopefully “Custom Camera Views”. I have attached two images, one of my monitor setup and the second of the panel in question for your reference.
I have mapped my 10 Custom Camera Views to the buttons on my Thrustmaster 716000M FCS Joystick and Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle but I am struggling to come up with the FS Variables and or Events source codes that will allow me to map those same camera views to buttons in Air Manager. Can you help? Thanks
Here’s my reasoning. If you can map these camera views to a keyboard shortcut or to the buttons on a joystick or throttle module, then you should be able to map them to an Air Manager Button. Am I wrong? So far Air Manager Support and other sources on the Internet have not been able to help me.
Topgun 13807

Sadly it’s simply not possible at the moment.
In Custom Cameras (Save/Load) it was added to the backlog, but it doesn’t appear to have been worked on yet. :frowning: